Multi Level Marketing: Why I Love my Pampered Chef Business

Here is another article in my series about multi level marketing opportunities for mums.  Today the article is from Claire Jakes who works with the Pampered Chef.

Pampered Chef

I first heard about Pampered Chef just over 8 years ago when I was invite to a show my friend Sarah was hosting. I went along and enjoyed the evening full of food and giggles and thought this looks fun and easy!!

The funny thing was I wasn’t even looking for a job, as I was on Maternity leave from being a senior sister at my local Neonatal Unit, and my youngest son was just 6 months old and was still breast feeding!!

I fell in love with the products….knew that all I needed to do was 6 shows then the kit on the back of the catalogue would be mine to keep and I would earn a little bit of money along the way, so next day I met up with Marie and signed up for the kit…keeping my fingers crossed that the cheque wouldn’t bounce!!!!

Pampered Chef products

My first show was my own, and I told all my friends that it was just a practice but to come along and have a giggle anyway…..I loved it …such fun and getting paid for chatting, cooking and having fun seemed pretty cool…My first two shows paid for the kit “thankfully !”

The best thing was it meant I could take my complete year’s maternity leave before going back to nursing which is something I had never dreamed of.

Over 8 years on and over 500 shows later, I still love it. I personally do between 4 and 8 shows a month, but some of the lovely ladies in my team are quite happy doing 1 or 2 a month, as there are no targets just incentives! Part of my job that I really love is helping and training my team of ladies and one man! I’ve seen some ladies in my team who have lacked in confidence grow and do really well outside of Pampered Chef shows too.

I love the products I sell and you will often hear me say I’m not a sales woman, my products just sell themselves as people try them out to make scrummy food at the show which is then eaten…thought to be the best bit of the show by my guests.

It is great having a job that is totally flexible round my family’s needs…I am there at the assemblies etc. With my boys being at full-time school, I now offer coffee mornings as well as Express Shows in offices at lunchtimes, which is great as I can be there for just an hour and be home to pick them up from school!!! Being my own boss really motivates me and has been made easier by the fantastic support and training I have received from The Pampered Chef.

I love the customer service part of Pampered Chef..It makes my life much easier along with good quality products, and I find anyone connected with The Pampered Chef always so willing to go out of their way to help, from fellow consultants and directors to the head office team themselves.

I find The Pampered Chef is a very generous company right from guest gifts, amazing hostess freebies and as consultants there is always something to strive for..For all levels of working..from free products  to their amazing Incentive trips…which is part of what really drives my business. I have been on 5 star weekends away to Venice, New York, Monte Carlo, Rome, Athens, Chicago, Lake Maggiore and next year I’m off to Dubai!!!!….as a single mum of 2 boys these trips are an amazing time out for me.

One of the sides to Pampered Chef which I strive to do at least once or twice a month is fundraise. This has allowed me to work with some hosts to raise lots of money for their favourite charity, including anything from the local preschool up to large charities such as Alzheimer’s Association or Macmillan Nurses. For the last 4 years in October, Pampered Chef has worked alongside Cancer Research UK helping them raise money with our Pampered Chef “Help Whip Cancer” Shows and our exclusive Pink Products .To date we have raised over £1million ….This is great fun and I personally go for the pink theme throughout October with wearing pink at my shows and cooking pink recipes….it always ends up as a giggle.. I even have had pink bread at one of my shows!!I am on a mission this month to personally raise £500.

Pampered Chef are always evolving, they bring in new products twice a year, often listening to their customers on what they would like seen in the catalogue. Recently we have started doing Express shows and also have a fantastic new mini kit for those people who either have lots of Pampered Chef products already, or want to just dip their toe in the Pampered Chef business for just £60

In short I love Pampered Chef as it fits in round my busy life as a single mum of 2 very cheeky boys aged nearly 9 and 11.It works alongside my nursing. I have a kitchen full of fabulous products which get used all the time, even by my boys who love to cook for me recipes such as spaghetti bolognaise…of course they love using all my products, and have learnt about running your own business and often can be seen helping by putting together my hostess packs for their pocket money!!

If you would like to find out about either hosting a fun Pampered Chef Show or fundraiser, please contact me on 01279 653980
[email protected]

If you are intrigued in finding out more about the Business Opportunity, whether it’s as a hobby, part-time, full-time or as a manager then please call our Pampered Chef Opportunity Line on 01344 823630  and listen to a pre recorded message, then call me on 01279 653980 to find out why Now is an Amazing time to join and to answer any questions you may have!!

2 thoughts on “Multi Level Marketing: Why I Love my Pampered Chef Business

  1. Audrey Ross

    I have not heard of pampered chef but it seems very good. I can not believe you got paid for having so much fun. I believe you have also learned a lot through it.

  2. earl harden

    Pampered chef is awesome. I worked for your competitor (cutco/vector marketing) and I learned a ton about the product and multilevel marketing. I love mlm and not got working for my best company yet. If interested on a radical new business plan and residual pay or just to check out wholesale travel hit up . Nice article have one amazing day.


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