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I’ve been completely blown away by your response to my recent article, facebook and twitter campaign, suggesting that you should go and look at Andy Bailey’s new free video series “How to Get People to Notice You on the Internet

If Andy Bailey’s stats are to be believed then I have managed to persuade more people to go and look at that in the past week, than I have persuaded to visit the rest of Motivating Mum in the past month.  Maybe I should take this as a hint……

I have to say though that the videos are excellent, and I can’t believe that they are free – I would gladly have paid for them.  I have learned a lot from them, and those of you that have come back to comment on twitter and elsewhere have all said that you have enjoyed them too. You must have done because you have spread the word for me – thank you so much for that.

Of course Andy Bailey hasn’t put out these excellent videos just for the sake of his health, nor is it total philanthropy – he wants to draw attention to the release of his excellent CommentLuv Premium plugin.

It is perfectly possible to view the videos and not buy the plugin, but I stand by my original decision to promote these videos even with the product attached – because I believe it is the best WordPress plug in I have, bar none. You can read my original review of Commentluv premium here.

The latest news is that the Commentluv Premium launch started on Wednesday 16th November. It is being sold at a special price until November 30th, with a whole pile of attached freebies – so if you are even remotely interested in having this plugin on your WordPress blog then grab it now.

So, seeing as so many of my readers are interested in Andy Bailey, his videos and his plugins, I have decided to give away a free copy of Commentluv Premium, or rather, I will reimburse to one of my readers, the purchase price that Andy Bailey announces on Wednesday.

If you would like to be in with a chance to have your purchase price reimbursed, please leave your name and email address:

* indicates required

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Then when you have purchased and installed your copy of Commentluv Premium, please come back and leave a comment on this post with a link to your site.  That way we can get to know each other better.

On 30th November, I will pick one subscriber who has left a comment, and will reimburse to them the sum that Andy Bailey picks for the launch price of Commentluv Premium on Wednesday.

Please note, I am not insisting that you buy your copy of Commentluv Premium using my affiliate links, although it would be nice.  If you are already signed up with one of the other affiliates – and even if you have entered their competitions and giveaways too, that is fine by me.  I don’t even mind, if, like me, you have already installed Commentluv Premium.  As long as it is on your site on 30th November and you have left me your email and a friendly comment, then you are in. If you leave your twitter name then I will follow you too, and visit your blog.

I just want to get to know a large community of fellow Commentluvvers, because I think that community is what this plugin is all about.

30 thoughts on “CommentLuv Premium Giveaway

  1. freebies

    Guest post is perfect idea to get noticed on the internet, you have to just check the quality of words in the content!!

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  3. akash

    nice article i daily viist u r site u have a gud collections of article on ur website.You have mentioned very interesting details.thnx foe the great sharing .

  4. Audrey Ross

    This is very great news for all the people who read your blog. The comment luv plugin is very good for website owners because it enables one to share links with other websites.

  5. Rachel

    Thanks for giving me the nudge I needed to get this plugin. It’s stopped the spam on my site, which is great and has so many other features and benefits.

  6. Adam Clarke

    Andy Bailey’s tips on how to get noticed online were great. Check out my latest post to find out why I believe this to be true. :)

  7. Mena

    Good stuff! And when I eventually get my blog up I know which plugin I’m going to install. It’s just nice to be able to share links and help build each others businesses.

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    Sharing the nice stuff in your blog and i know the comment luv plug in is traffic maker.And want to install it but how can i install this plug in.

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    I love the commentluv plugin and it shows us tons of useful abilities. This plugin has great benefits in developing a beautiful blog and its optimization. In my opinion, it should be a must-have tool for bloggers these days because of its benefits :)

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  19. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan

    The only bad thing is that I didnt know how to edit my settings. As I approved more and more comments on my site, the links kept traveling out till a fellow blogger pointed it out to me and helped me with the settings.

  20. Rohit kabdwal

    comment is the most used and most trusted internet commenting software. being a blogger we want two things. avoid spam and more user activity to the blog and these are the key features of comment luv, it enable the user to interact in the blog.., i am a fan of comment luv and surely go for the pro.

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    This plugin makes it super easy to promote your blog whenever you comment on an enabled blog. With the Premium version, you get more freedom to choose from up to 10 posts and pages of your choice – not just your most recent posts. This lets you choose content that you want potential visitors to click and gives you an opportunity to get more exposure to those specific posts and pages.

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