Motivating Mum: Best of the Year so Far – Top 5

This blog follows on from Saturday’s best of the year.

These are the top 5 most popular blog posts of the last 12 months on Motivating Mum.  I certainly had a surprise or two in this lot I can tell you. I hope you enjoy reading them again – please feel free to tweet or make comments (with lovely commentluv links)

5: Selling Handmade Online   Another post from Mummy mentoring Month – this time by Viv Smith (note to self – Mummy Mentoring Month was a seriously good idea and will be repeated next March).  This is a great factual post about one way that many mums use to make money from home.

4: The Lion King in 3d –  I did some film reviews this year, because we had the opportunity to, and because I love to be able to treat my children a bit to compensate them for all the time that grumpy mummy sits at the computer all day (that comment may irritate some of you who have been participating in the blogger vs blagger debate, but I freely admit it was certainly part of the motivation).  I certainly didn’t expect the film reviews to be quite as popular as they have been, but now that I have seen this, I’m afraid we will be doing more…

3: When Stay at Home Mum isn’t Enough  This is probably my favourite post of the year – the one that I most enjoyed writing.  It charts my own though process from career woman, to stay at home mum to business owner.  And from your comments it seems I am not alone….

2: How to Pick your Business   This is another post I enjoyed writing – it was going to be the beginning of a series or a book, as I remember…  think I may have just got me some more inspiration…

So my favourite blogs have made it in at postiions 2 and 3,  but I have to admit the top spot took me by surprise.  I know when I have spoken to bloggers and mentioned this phenomenon, many of them have said exactly the same thing.  But my Top Post of 2011 by a long way, and the second most popular keyword that people have used to find the Motivating Mum blog (after motivating mum) is…(drum roll)


1: The Smurfs in 3D   I nearly didn’t take the children to this film screening, as I was very ill with an ear infection and frankly the cinema was the last thing I needed. However I am very glad I did, because although this was posted in July , it is still in the Top 5 of recently viewed posts for the last month.  So a big thank  you to the Smurfs, for helping to make Motivating Mum what it has become today.


So there you have it – my Top 10 posts for the past year.  I hope you have enjoyed reading them, and have shared or commented on them where  you saw fit.  Like I said the other day, I would love to see other people do this exercise and publish which their most popular posts have been. Please leave a comment and link here if you do.

You may get a surprise like I did…

2 thoughts on “Motivating Mum: Best of the Year so Far – Top 5

  1. Angel Collins

    Congratulations! I enjoy reading your blog, and for a mom like me, I can relate to your posts. Thanks for your sharing, no more boring moms in the world!

  2. Audrey Ross

    I agree that I also enjoyed some of the posts that you mentioned above. Being a mother is at times challenging and it was good that you decided to write on these topics which most moms identify with.


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