Rabbit in the Headlights

Like many people I did make some New Year’s Resolutions over the Christmas holidays.  I even went as far as making some resolutions in September, all of which still stand.  And I have also been reading my favourite business gurus and looking at my business goals for the year.

So in summary I have:

Personal goals

  • Lose weight and get fit
  • Declutter my house
  • Get more efficient with personal and business admin
  • Find more ways to save money (and blog about them)

Business Goals

  • Write some courses/products/training materials
  • Improve admin and productivity – outsource and delegate more
  • Increase frequency and quality of my blogging and social media efforts
  • Seek out guest blogging opportunities and deliver on them
  • Increase visitors to Motivating Mum and the blog
  • Recruit more franchisees and improve and extend the number of events that we run
  • Run a spectacular Mummy Mentoring Month, raising more money for charity than we did last year.

A big worthy list – I’m sure many of you have similar.

I didn’t start straightaway on January 1st – had a bit of a hangover and the decorations were still cluttering up the living room.  I made the excuse that I would really get going once the children were back in school.

But they went back yesterday, and I can honestly say that I achieved nothing productive at all.  If anything the sheer volume of what needs doing has got me stuck. I’m quivering in the middle of the road, staring into the headlights of an oncoming truck.

Goal setting gurus advise you to break each goal down into manageable steps.  I have done that, but the sheer number of steps is mind boggling.  I spent (as I have done before) a significant part of yesterday, listing out steps, getting my to do list sorted and up to date and fiddling about with diaries and calendars.

There is still a  little part of me that believes, if I just buy the right stationery and find the right way to organise my tasks, then somehow it will all get done.  But like many people , I know that I’m in danger of over-thinking and then under-doing.

The key to success as I have found in the past and intend to use again, is to get the list set up – then commit every day to doing something. Instead of hand wringing and trying to figure out which of the goals is the most important or urgent and which task within which goal to tackle, I just need to get on with it, tackle one, or two or three of them.  If I do that first thing, or little batch of jobs each day, then I can allow myself a small amount of time to sit down and think about the rest of it.

The other thing, which I used to do, but had fallen out of the habit of, is to pick the top 3 tasks for tomorrow before going to bed each night.  Then I can get up and get on with those before stopping to think about the other stuff.

Next week is the first full week back at school.  Hopefully I will be able to report back at the end of next week, that I have blasted through a whole load of stuff and caught up with myself a bit.  In the meantime I would love to know how your goal setting and resolutions are going so far, and if you have any other hints or tips that might help a poor, confused disorganised soul like me….

8 thoughts on “Rabbit in the Headlights

  1. Tony Scott

    I agree with you. Those resolutions are useless unless we give our full commitment in working towards the achievement of those goals. Yes, we should not waste our time in planning things, we should exert more effort in executing our plans.

  2. Audrey Ross

    Many people are also struggling to keep up with the resolutions they made when the year started. It is important to stay motivated each day because once you lack motivation then you will never get things done. The list you have is quite long so I agree that you should break it down to smaller things and see if you can get things done this way.

  3. Pete Goumas

    Thats a big list! I was also a day late on starting mine…due to a hangover. I guess new years resolutions dont really start until the second 🙂

  4. Angel Collins

    You really have a lot of goals to achieve darling. For me, I would want to take things spontaneously. I mean, I have set some goals but if ever something happens along the way while I am thinking of achieving something, I think that I will just give it a try and maybe a much greater thing would happen. You can do it, I know. 🙂

  5. Ellie

    You have ambitious lists for both your personal and business goals. My personal goal for 2012 is to exercise regularly. My business goal is to earn $50/day from internet marketing. I guess mine are pretty ambitious too 🙂


  6. Sandy


    “motivationmum” what a title. In combination with this post, it works.
    I like: “It is important to stay motivated each day because once you lack motivation then you will never get things done.”

    And you have been right. It is important to stay motivated each day.
    For few weeks, i read a post from an other site about “the big why.”
    it`s the same… why you stand up every morning from bed? why you go to your job? the big why!!!!

    So, i think your post very interesting and inspiring for me.
    I´m a mom with a halftime job, and i have a dream, my own business.
    In last year, i started learning for my dream. Since july i read posts, visit sites and i focus my goal everyday. And that’s important for all people…. have a plan in life.

    i wish you much success with your plan and projects.
    Have a nice weekend and thanks a lot for this post, it works.

    with greetings from Germany. Sandy 🙂

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  8. Restless leg remedies

    if you want to make your life easy and sucessful then make a timetable of you daily life and then strictly work on that timetable then check you performance


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