Totally Money Blog Carnival #60

I’m taking a short break from Mummy Mentoring Month to host the Totally blog carnival for this week.

Anybody who is visiting my site for the first time, please do check out the Mummy Mentoring Month page, as we have a huge charity auction of coaching and mentoring services, with a few other lots thrown in for good measure (holiday in the Cotswolds anyone?).  Bids welcome until 31st March and all money to charity. On this blog I have also had guest posts from different businessmums all throughout March so please do take a look around and have a good read.

This blog carnival is absolutely enormous – it’s probably the longest blog post I ever wrote.  I’m completely overwhelmed with the number and variety of posts – fantastic work by all concerned!

Motivating Mum is aimed at mums who are combining family with starting a small business from home.  For both of these activities it is a good idea to keep a tight handle on the family finances.   The blogs below have a huge number of different approaches – from the fun to the totally serious.   I have really enjoyed reading through these posts and have picked up a few hints and tips along the way – I hope you will too!

For my Editor’s picks I have concentrated on those that will appeal to my core readership. So they are fun , lighthearted, with a family theme, and if possible, applicable to the UK.  Here they are:

  1.  Teaching Your Kids about Money:  by Pam Whitlock  at The MoneyTrail Blog.  My kids really need to learn how to delay gratification – this is a great reinder for me.
  2.  The Art of DIY by Michelle at See Debt Run. I love this image of a family trip to a DIY shop.  I have been this family – have you?
  3.   My Infamous Cereal Aisle Meltdown by Dave HIlton at Debt Black Hole What can happen when the money dries up completely. Self employerd people take note…
  4.  5 Business Lessons Learned from Monopoly by Tim at Faith and Finance. We love board games in our house? Do they teach us about life?  Maybe, but they certainly teach us about being a family…
  5.  I Just Won The Foreign Lottery by Paul Weaver at Make Money Make Cents.  Most of these email scams are obvious, but I will confess to being nearly caught out by a few of the better ones…


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  • Darwin presents The REAL Inflation Rate posted at Darwin’s Money . Most Americans feel the government inflation numbers aren’t representative of the real inflation they see year to year. Here’s your solution.


  • Jeremy of Modest Money laments the Folly of Paying Someone to Cook for You.  As I start preparing my income tax documents for last year, I have been struggling to come to terms with how I managed to waste so much money. Not only did I manage to spend a lot of money, I also have very little to show for it. One major expense was a vacation I took last year, but that doesn’t come close to accounting for all the wasted money. A bigger expense that I need to accept is dining out and take out food.
  • Liana presents Currency Exchange Guide posted at Card Hub.  Saved up for a trip overseas for vacation this summer? Great! Make sure your planning is complete. These are some important tools to have and things to know to save you time, money, and frustration before and during your travels



  • Pat Huddleston presents Accused Oregon Con Woman Charged posted at Investor’s Watchblog. People often wonder how others fall for investment scams. Anyone could fall for an investment scam…
  • Control Your Cash presents IPOs for Beginners posted at Control Your Cash.You have no idea what an IPO is, do you? Read this and learn how to avoid squandering your money while thinking you’re being smart.
  • Dividend Ninja presents Dividend Fund Managers Are Buying Apple? posted at The Dividend Ninja.Mutual fund managers are getting confused. It seems like more fund managers are deviating from their fund’s stated focus and suffering from style drift in order to own one of the hottest stocks of the past decade. More than 40 dividend funds have recently bought shares of Apple even though the company does not yet issue a dividend.
  • FMF presents Index funds win by a landslide posted at Free Money Finance. Index mutual funds trounced actively managed mutual funds last year by the widest margin in 15 years, once again raising the confounding question: Why do so many individuals gravitate to actively managed funds when they are a proven loser?
  • J.P. presents Financial Emergency Kit: Are You Prepared? posted at Novel Investor. Emergencies happen every day. But when the impossible happens, will you be ready? Having a financial emergency kit will make a big difference if the worst should ever happens
  • Dan presents BuyBack Achievers ETF Reviewed posted at ETFBase. We all know stock buybacks are a positive, but this ETF focusing on buybacks is crushing the market! Here’s a review of the share buyback ETF.



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30 thoughts on “Totally Money Blog Carnival #60

  1. Pam at MoneyTrail

    Thanks so much for selecting us as an Editor’s picks! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to on a Monday morning! Thanks for hosting.

  2. My University Money

    Hey Debbi, thanks for including us. Check out our eBook and leave a review if you feel so inclined!

  3. WorkSaveLive

    Never got pinged for this…sorry for taking so long to reply.

    Thanks for hosting and thank you for including me!!

  4. Lee

    Hi loved your article.
    Just the word motivation is,a word some people can’t handle, or maybe getting motivated I should say is something a lot of people lack . People get into routines stuck in Rutts. And the thought of change scares them even if it would be so beneficial to them.

    Maybe making it compulsory for everybody to go to motivation classes once a week for an hour. I know how controversial this would be. But imagine the benefits if it worked. The world would be suchu a much more upbeat place.

    That’s got me thinking now thanks loved it.

  5. Jacky

    Thanks so much for choosing us as an Editor’s picks-What a amazing shock to awaken to on a Wednesday morning! Awesome information.

  6. GoWest

    Woah! thats quite an extensive list of resources you’ve highlighted there. Some great money management and debt articles too, thanks for posting.

  7. Robert

    Going to try put some of your money tips into practice mainly for my children they just don’t stop pestering me for money whenever we’re out.

  8. ralf

    Indeed moms need to handle tightly the family budget as well as foresee future needs of funding. I also agree with Robert’s comment. Kids ought to learn this too.

  9. James

    I like your point with regards on your post, It seems to be interesting and great to hang out with friends.

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    It was really helpful that you are sharing this details to your readers, I do personally having a worth while in the article. Thanks for sharing such good release.

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    Motivatingmum a place where I always found very helpful information about specific topics. Very creative tips, keep it up and let us know very informative tips like this.

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    This is quite a good article to find a lot of useful money sites. Some of these sites I probably would have never found if it wasn’t for you. Thank you for sharing this,

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    I somehow stumbled upon motivating mum and i must sat this website is blog is a must for every lady out there. Have bookmarked you guys for future purposes.


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