Money Saving Mum – Stockpiling Secrets

One thing that I have found very funny since the press got hold of me and my ‘extreme couponing’ habit, is that they all want me to show them my stockpile, and/or get it out to be photographed.

I guess a lot of journalists would like to poke fun at me – what they really want to see is a  huge room piled high with stuff that I could never use.  One journalist who shall remain nameless, read back to me an article she had written, and she had put something along the lines of: “Everywhere I move in house there are piles of groceries – every time I open a cupboard they run the risk of falling on my head”.  Needless to say, I asked her to remove that part.

The press want to make out that stockpiling and couponing is something crazy – that it takes over your rational brain and ruins your home.  I’m here to put the alternative argument.

I keep a very small stockpile of essential groceries.  I am lucky enough to have a utility room, just big enough to put a washing machine and a dryer in.  I have two shelves above the two machines, and my stockpile fits in there.  I occasionally have a few extra toilet rolls or shampoo bottles in the bathroom when they are on special offer, but that is all.

Everything in my stockpile at any time is likely to be used in the next two to three months, and it is all stuff that my family and I love.  I do not stockpile cans of soup no matter how cheap they are, because my family will not eat them.  I do stockpile my favourite coffee, orange squash, microwave rice, frozen meat, and breakfast cereals.  All perfectly normal stuff that we use every day.

I have built my stockpile up slowly over a period of two to three months.  When I go to do my weekly shopping, I always go to the offers pages first before looking at my shopping list. If the supermarket splits it, I will always look at the biggest offers first – the buy one get one free or three for two offers. I look at all items on offer in all areas of the store.

When my favourite products are in that category (providing I haven’t already got a big pile of them) I buy several of them.  Sometimes 4, sometimes 6 – it depends on the offer involved.  For a few weeks at the start of my stockpiling , I had grocery lists that were a bit more expensive than usual – nowadays they are nearly always cheaper than what I was spending before.

Of course sometimes you hit the lucky concidence of having a manufacturer’s money off voucher and a store promotion on the same product.  If you are keeping up with your extreme couponing blogs, and catch these super deals you can really make enormous savings when this happens

The other joy of stockpiling is that I very rarely run out of my favourite stuff.  No more doing without my favourite coffee – and going to the corner shop to buy a small jar of some cheaper brand.  Nowadays, whenever I open the last but one of my stored stock, I put the item on my shopping list, and start looking for a bargain, comparing the prices on mysupermarket to see who has the best ones.

So don’t be put off by the ridicule.  Depending on what space you have available, start a small stockpile today.

You can see the latest food and grocery deals on the Motivating Mum Money Saving Offers Page



8 thoughts on “Money Saving Mum – Stockpiling Secrets

  1. Diana

    I think that stockpiling is a great way of saving money and those who roll their eyes are probably not as organised as you! When I was at university all my flatmates used to think that it was weird when I would make and stick to a shopping list. I didn’t really think that buying frozen pizza or pasta ready meals were a healthy or cheap way to shop. Nowadays I always check out the discount shelf and stock up on tins of beans and pasta for quick meals after a long day at work. Sticking to a budget comes to with prior planning so I’m all for stockpiling. Besides, all shops essentially do the same thing!

    Diana (MyFamilyClub)

  2. Shirery

    Stockpiling is not bad at all. I’m a mother my self and I have 2 children. The good thing about stockpiling is that every time they ask for their favorite cereal or milk, I can always give it to them.

  3. Farrel

    In my own opinion, Stockpiling is not bad at all. Just like an ant gathering their foods for the rainy season. They just do it even thou humans hates them and they just do it. I learn how manage all this thing through a piggy bank saving. Hahaha. Lol.

  4. Steven Papas

    I had no idea you were an extreme couponer! I am absolutely fascinated by the hobby/skill/exploit/whatever term would do the practice justice. It is practically the definition of efficiency to use coupons to their fullest and your money to the least.

    I can’t think of what might be wrong with stockpiling at all (aside from the potential for spoilage when it comes to perishable things, but someone as skilled as an extreme couponer ought to know how to prevent that). It’s always a good idea to have spares.

  5. Martin

    My wife always makes fun of me because I stockpile stuff, but just you wait until I show her your article. Ha!

  6. Fab At Any Age

    With my shopping list, I work the other way round, I buy what I need and if one of those items is on offer then I may buy a few of them and if there is any money left over in that weeks budget then I go to the offers page and may spend the excess on my favourite products that I know we will need in future or a special treat that I wouldn’t normally buy at full price. I don’t see anything wrong with what you do, we all have to be a bit thrifty with food being so expensive these days.

  7. steve stretton

    It’s being practical. What’s wrong with preparing stuffs? Besides, it’ll be cheaper to do the groceries once a month than 4 times in a week.

  8. Neil

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