The Sunflower

At the end of the Spring term, on the last day before the holidays, Eoin came out of school and presented me with a sunflower plant in a yogurt pot.  To be honest, it was a pathetic specimen, about two inches tall, tied to a lolly stick but bent over at a right angle about half way up its length.  But he presented it to me with pride and love and so I accepted it with thanks and a smile.

Then I saw his eyes were moist. “I know I’ve broken it”, he said. “Do you think it will be alright?”

Without hesitation I answered straight back.  “I’ll see what I can do”.

To be honest I thought we didn’t have a chance.  Looking at the break on the tiny sunflower’s stem, I honestly thought the kindest thing to do would be to buy some more seeds and start again, hoping that Eoin wouldn’t notice.  But it was the first day of the holidays, so I wasn’t going to get the chance to sneak off and do such a thing.

So I propped the sunflower up straight to the best of my ability, watered it, put it on the sunny kitchen windowsill, talked to it a lot, and crossed my fingers……. for the sake of my little boy, please let it be OK…..

Whoever thinks that talking to plants is mad, clearly has not been to my house.  Despite its handicapped start in life, the sunflower mended the tear in its stem, grew up the lolly stick, then up a chopstick and had to be transplanted out of the yogurt pot into a flower pot.  This weekend we are going to plant it out in the garden, and it looks for all the world like it is going to fulfil its full sunflower potential and grow taller than all of us.


Have you ever had a business idea that seemed far fetched and crazy – could be good but totally ridiculous to think you could make it work?  Did you chuck it in the bin, or did you nurture it for a while?

It’s about two years since I saw the ad for Motivating Mum.  For me it was a crazy idea – I didn’t really have the time, the money or the skills to take on such a mammoth project – and in this economic climate what were its chances?  And yet on a whim I made contact with Alli, and after speaking to her I took the idea on holiday with me, where it refused to go away and just took root in my mind, getting bigger and bigger. So I came back from holiday, sorted out the money and went for it

Last year it happened to me again. I reviewed Send Out Cards on my blog and immediately thought that it was a business I would love to be a part of.  Again the start up costs were prohibitive and the rational part of my brain was screaming at me not to get involved with network marketing again….and what did I need another business for?

Once again though, the idea would not leave me, and when I heard this year that the start up costs had been reduced, I signed up like a shot, and blow to the risks.


So despite my initial misgivings I now find myself with a business empire that I am truly proud of.  Motivating Mum has grown and flourished, and given me experiences and skills that I never would have dreamed of two years ago.  And two months into Send Out Cards, I realise that not only is it a wonderful tool that supports and adds business to Motivating Mum and my Cambridge Weight Plan business, but it is also a very viable business in its own right.  My friends are queuing up to buy from me, and several have signed up already, to be distributors in their own right, which I never managed with previous network marketing companies.


Next time you get a small idea like a bent sunflower in a yogurt pot, don’t throw it straight in the bin.  Water it, nurture it and talk to it for a few weeks. Then you will see what it might grow into…..



3 thoughts on “The Sunflower

  1. Kathy Rhodes

    Very inspiring post. It’s like reminding me that as long as you see there’s hope, don’t give up. We’ll never know how great things are when we wait and try to figure things out. Glad that you gave that sunflower another chance. So cute. 🙂

  2. Matt

    I’m pleased to hear that, in your case, perserverance won out in the end. I know that there are risks galore associated with starting your own ‘business empire’ but the fact that you’ve pushed on and have arrived, proudly, on the other side, is a genuine inspiration. 🙂

  3. artificial grass

    If there is one flower that is unmistakeable to nearly everyone, it is the cheerful sunflower. Not only is the sunflower great to look at, as it gracefully turns its head to follow the sun each day, the uses of sunflowers are seemingly endless.


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