The winds of Autumn

“There is no such thing as the wrong weather, only the wrong clothes.”

Over the years I have heard this quote many times, attributed to different people – I couldn’t tell you the exact origin for it – please enlighten me if you know.

I can however remember the first time I heard it – having arrived on my first foreign business trip to Copenhagen at about this time of year to find the whole city wrapped in a thick blanket of snow. I was wearing respectable British business dress – skirt suit (before it was cool for girls to wear trousers to a smart office), shirt, killer heels, and was very embarrassed (and impressed) that my counterparts in Denmark were allowed to come to work in the winter in their thick trousers and snow boots – I do wish someone had seen fit to tell me. I froze my socks off over the course of the three day trip, but learned a very valuable lesson.

Generally I am not an Autumn person.  My instinct at this time of year is to retreat indoors, to seek out the blankets, thermals and hot comforting food and drink, and to venture outdoors as little as possible between now and, say February. So as such, I haven’t really invested in the right clothes for autumn, as I do my best not to need them.

This year however, everything has changed.  This year, Sirius has come into our lives, a working cocker spaniel puppy with a huge personality and boundless energy.  Sirius needs walking every day for at least an hour, come rain or shine – if not he will run about madly and tear the house apart.  I knew this would be good for me and the children, so although I recoil from the cold and the damp I have done my best to wrap up myself and the children and just go for it.

So when the nice people at Simply Hike offered me a pair of Hunter wellies for one of my children I jumped at the chance.  I love the Hunter brand – they have managed to navigate away from their country gentleman image and become something quite funky and fun.  I wouldn’t mind a pair of these myself.

My daughter, as is her way, wanted the fuchsia pink ones (how did she come to be a size 5 already?) so that is what I ordered.  They came less than 48 hours after ordering in a lovely box with a great waterproof bag to keep them in.

The wellies look really sturdy and well put together – I love the little spots of reflective material on the back of them – my daughter loves the fact that they are really comfortable and really really pink.

So for the last few weeks we have been road testing them with the best that Autumn can throw at us.  We have been leaf kicking, puddle jumping, and even to the beach.  My daughter reports that the wellies are very sturdy and perfectly waterproof (apart from the time she paddled a little bit too deep in the sea where we proved that the boots will function very well as buckets).

I can report that when you are wearing the right clothes even autumn can seem not so bad.  I don’t suppose I will ever be a real fan (I am a child of summer and crave sunshine and warm weather).  But I can appreciate beautiful trees and windswept deserted beaches, and I am slowly getting through November without feeling a need to hibernate.  With happy warm children and a little dog for whom every day is a great adventure, even I can start to appreciate the great outdoors.

Disclosure:  I was provided with one pair of wellingtons for free.  All opinions are genuine


One thought on “The winds of Autumn

  1. richa

    That quote is by a comedian named Billy Connolly….I am not too much of an Autumn person either, but I love the autumn leaves.. These pics are very nice and specially i love those footwears.


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