How to get Your Business Buzzing in 2013

At this time of year as a Mum in business it is very easy to lose focus on the direction of your business. There are so many other pulls on your attention: nativity plays, Christmas parties, shopping, food preparation… to name but a few! I have certainly been guilty in the last couple of weeks of putting business thoughts on the backburner.

Unbelievably though we are only two weeks away from welcoming in a whole new year! 2013 may not be an easy year financially for any of us – rising fuel prices, energy prices and cuts to child benefit are definitely on my mind. So it is more important than ever that our businesses move into 2013 buzzing – and for that to happen the ideas and planning need to start now! What can you be doing now in the remaining days of 2012 that will bring success to your business in 2013?

Whenever I’m feeling stale and short of the ‘buzz’ myself– too many things to do, not enough enthusiasm – I make sure that I create an hour of ‘me-time’ doing something I enjoy. This can be anything from a brisk walk across frosty fields to a long hot bath. This is never a wasted hour because I come back to work refreshed and enthusiastic about carrying the business forward. When you’re out Christmas shopping, on-line playing games or simply reading a magazine, take note of how other companies grab your attention – what tactics do they use?

How can you create a buzz for your business? The short answer to that is by inspiring people, engaging them and getting them talking about the products or services your business offers.

Here are some ways you could grab people’s attention in the New Year:

  • Press release: write a press release for local papers about something interesting e.g. an exciting competition you’re running, customer success stories or new advice on your business area. You could also contact your local Chamber of Commerce and ask them how they can help you publicise your business.
  • Free samples: will get people talking about your business. They don’t have to cost you much to make either, for example if you sell cupcakes you could go to your local farmers market and give out mini-fairy cakes as tasters.

Cupcake Sprinkles and Frosting

Cake always gets my attention!

  • Host a free workshop: that teaches a new skill. This is a fantastic way of reaching potential customers. For example a hairdresser could teach local mothers how to plait their daughter’s hair, or a gardener could hold a workshop on how to take cuttings.
  • Hold a free seminar: showing off your expertise on a tricky subject. For example the gardener could talk about identifying different soil types, or a florist could talk about wedding flowers.  This is a great way to become known as an ‘expert’ in your field.
  • Produce a free guide: so that potential new customers have something to remember you by. For example, a beautician could produce a pamphlet about how to get your body ready for the beach, or a personal trainer could write an e-book about ways to get fit in the New Year.
  • Volunteering your time: creates its own community buzz. If you’re a VA you could produce the newsletter for your local charity, or if you run a dog walking business you could help out at the local dog rescue home.

These are just six ways to get your business buzzing in 2013, there are hundreds more. Get inspired and start 2013 with a buzz!


7 thoughts on “How to get Your Business Buzzing in 2013

  1. joy

    Great points here. I’ve been looking for new marketing ideas for our company and these are definitely some things I should focus on. Hopefully with your help our business will still turn up on top!

  2. Aayna

    A new year always brings in new hopes, but hopes do materialize when one works to make them true. These are great pointers which can surely aid in bringing in greater levels of success in the business. Free samples, and free seminars for the employess as well as customers can surely aid in ameliorating the level of business activities. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. Stacey

    In today’s day and age, business should focus on web-marketing. With everyone on the world wide web it’d be crazy not to!

  4. Sandra

    Press releases help a lot. And never forget about free samples. Most people would want to take part in your business endeavor especially when they already realized that what you’re selling is worth the shot

  5. Kelly

    Seminars are a way to spread the word about your business. In the case of cottage crafts and gourmet cooking and baking, it’s a very interesting trade especially for women

  6. Osho Garg

    You have added great points to improve business. In every business it is important to have some unique idea to get success. I hope the points you mentioned will help to boost my work


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