All Great Goals Need A Cunning Plan

We all have different business aspirations for this year. Maybe you’d like to launch a new product; expand your customer base; or get your social media campaign ramped up a gear? We also will have a few things in our personal life we’d like to aim for, maybe home improvements; moving house; getting fitter; dressing better; or trying to save money.

I’m very good at thinking of all the things I’d like to be better at, have more time for or just plain want! What I’m not so good at is achieving those things. However this quote struck a chord:

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
French writer (1900 – 1944)

If you think about the goals you have achieved in life so far, they normally had a plan behind them to achieve it. For example a successful family holiday is not achieved through just turning up at the airport and hoping you can get on a flight to somewhere nice for a good price! In our house a holiday is months in the planning: where to go; has it got all the facilities we need; how to get there for the best price; what to pack; who looks after the animals whilst we’re away; where to park the car; how to get to the airport; etc. Every eventuality is planned for. Another good example is a wedding – just one day of your life but everything is planned in minute detail: from your underwear to the seating plan!

Why can’t this be extended to other plans in life – business or personal? Take one of the aspirations for your business mentioned above, improving your social media campaign. Try planning this down to the finest detail (as you would a holiday or your wedding) – from deciding what your aim is with your campaign, to how exactly this is going to be timetabled into your daily schedule. Breaking big ideas down to small steps makes them more achievable. Planning each step into your life will mean that your goal is achieved.

The same goes for your personal goals. For example, trying to save money: how exactly are you going to achieve this? Think about every area of your life where savings could be made: switching energy providers; using voucher codes when shopping online; having a meal planner based around special offers at supermarkets; shopping for presents in the sales, etc. Plan exactly when you’re going to switch energy providers, which purchases you need to make online to benefit from the codes and when the sales are so that you can plan a Christmas shopping trip. That way the dates are in your diary, the plan is made – and your goal of saving money will be achieved!

voucher codes 2013 picEven these sort of goals require months of training, planning and preparation.

Equally planning would help you achieve your aspiration of ‘dressing better’. Think how you would like to dress in an ideal world – plan your outfits, can they be achieved on your budget? Create a mood board for all your outfit ideas. Could you invest in a few key pieces to improve your overall look without breaking the bank? If so, which key pieces are you going to buy? How will they fit in with your existing wardrobe? Plan down to the finest detail – some people even take photos of themselves in every conceivable outfit in their wardrobe so they can see at a glance what they’d like to wear that day.

Planning costs nothing, could save you money, and will certainly help you achieve your objectives.

Goals with a plan are wishes that will come true…




6 thoughts on “All Great Goals Need A Cunning Plan

  1. Jan Hewitt

    Planning a brand new chapter in the life of my business this year. Need to formalise this in the coming days by some how throwing together a business plan to apply for grant funding! Guess this will force me into making a plan!
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  2. Aayna

    Planning is the essence as well as the foremost step in any successful endeavor. If you do not plan with each and every crucial detail in mind, you can never set the goals clearly. I always believe in planning. Thanks for the share.

  3. Fatima

    Indeed a goal without a plan is nothing but a wish! One needs to plan each step towards achieving our goals and should not lose focus until the goal is reached. Great share.

  4. Kent Morris

    Hi!,,,,Planning is the essence as well as the foremost step in any successful endeavor. If you do not plan with each and every crucial detail in mind, you can never set the goals clearly.

  5. Jems Holden

    Strategy, Planning, Implementation are the three pillars that are essential for any business goal to be achieved.


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