Where is Spring?

spring lamb

Do you have a spring in your step?

It would be very difficult for me to choose my favourite season. It’s great to go out crunching leaves in autumn, wearing a cosy jumper, curling up on the settee with curtains drawn, watching T.V. in the evening. I like crisp frost of winter on the grass and the pinch I feel on my ears and cheeks when I come back into the warm. I like late evening sat in the summer sun, I like breakfast sat outside in the sunshine. I like a stolen moment enjoying a cup of tea sat outside with a magazine.

After the long, cold, darks nights of winter, I look forward to seeing the fresh green buds on the trees and spring flowers coming into bloom and the days drawing out.

This year we have had a couple of short bursts of milder weather only to be blasted back to icy rain and snow again. The days are dull and cold and I am beginning to feel as dull and dark as the weather.

The weather affects your mood and the amount of sunshine you manage to get can also affect your appetite and energy levels. I may not be able to control the weather, but I do need to take positive action. I can spring clean my wardrobe, clearing out some well-worn pieces and replacing with a few carefully chosen new items which will certainly put a spring in my step!

At one time I loved a bit of retail therapy, but it has loses its appeal when I am clock watching to make sure I am done in time for the end of school. If time is against you and your clothes are in need of a lift all is not lost, the internet is open all hours of the day, and night! I can shop in BHS and browse their range of fashions or home wares. I can compare with Debenhams because I never like to make a purchase in the first shop I visit and this is never a problem online! I can also make extra saving with promo codes.

If I am completely honest I am feeling the effects of the winter blues. I am feeling overwhelmed by my to do list and the effect of this is that I am achieving very little. Everything has got out of balance and it can be so difficult to focus on what is important. A little time out to step back and evaluate what is happening will be well worth it in the long run.  Sometimes just a small change  can make a big difference, it is vital when working from home to refresh your style and work methods and ideas.

Get inspired by this seasons new colours, check out the catwalk trends below!















New colour trends for spring 2013





4 thoughts on “Where is Spring?

  1. Kristine

    I love summer. It’s when flowers are in full bloom and everything seems bright and sunny and alive. And I love wearing sundresses and big flowery hats. I totally agree with you when you said that seasons can affect your mood. There are those people who feel gloomy and depressed in the dead of winter, those who feel alive in spring, and those who feel romantic in the middle of fall.

  2. Sandra

    Same here, I am also feeling the winter blues. But as you said, we can’t do anything to change the weather so it’s really up to us to lift our spirits. And thanks for sharing the color trends for this spring this year — gives me something to really look forward to.

  3. Stacey

    You are looking for spring. Good for you that you are optimistic that spring is indeed coming because I think it’s already summer. Sweltering heat and all. Good luck to your blog!

  4. Kelly

    Where is spring? I certainly couldn’t feel it from where I am now. But your spring collection just made my day — they look awesome. Thanks for sharing.


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