Being Motivated and Organised for the Summer and Beyond


Practical hints and tips from a recent Motivating Mum East Hertfordshire event
Women at the Motivating Mum East Hertfordshire event in Bishop’s Stortford on the 19th June received practical hints and tips from business and life coach Barbara, the owner of
It led to a really good discussion and lots of sharing of ideas amongst the group. We all left the event feeling motivated and ready to get going with some of the suggestions!


Barbara began by asking us what goal do we have for our businesses, or do we have a goal?
It was interesting to see everyone thinking about this, and then the realisation that in fact we may not have set specific business goals.
The top tip offered was to think about your goal (this could be long or more medium term) and then put together a plan of action with the steps you need to take to get you there, and very importantly, with a timeframe in place, so you can keep focused.
Barbara highlighted the fact that if you were planning to make a dress you would need to get a pattern, the material and plan out how to put the dress together, and it is just the same in terms of our businesses and the direction in which we would like them to take (which of course may be subject to change as things move forward)


To keep organised and focused when working on your business, it is important to tell friends and family when you are unavailable. In their mind you may be working, but you are still at home and therefore can chat. If you were working for someone else and they called you would not be able to chat and would have to cut the call short.


When you have completed a task and are looking at the next task, what are you saying to yourself? It’s probably something like: What have I got to do next? What do I need to do now? What should I do before I pick up the children? The language we use can have a big impact on what or how we achieve things. For example instead of I’ve got to or I must you could change it to I will do…. it should feel very different and much more positive. I can, I’m going to, I will are words that should help to make you feel positive in what you plan to achieve.


Barbara’s top tip is to use different coloured sticky notes (which she puts onto sections of a picture frame in her office) in category areas: Today, In progress, Urgent, To do. Sticky notes can be moved from one category to another as they are actioned and crossed off when done (this system can also apply to children with activities they need to do!)


The biggest benefit of running your own business is being able to build flexibility into your day. Against the backdrop of your longer term business goals it is important when planning each of your individual business days (or part of days) to have a plan A for what you hope you can achieve if everything goes as you expect and a plan B which might be a reduced number of activities in line with the fact children and family life can be unpredictable. This will help make sure you don’t feel resentful if you could not achieve plan A, and make you feel positive about what you did achieve on that day.
It is also a good idea to not tell everybody about your plans, as if you do this your brain will think you are already half way there and that you have actually pretty much done it! Just go ahead and do it and tell people after you have done it.


Check social media and emails for a set amount of time, say 30 minutes, in the morning and later in the day, then use a kitchen timer and stick to it! Once the timer is up move on to the priority jobs on your list (Barbara’s timer has a 10 minute warning, so this helps to keep focused!) If you were attending a really important meeting you could not be reached. People will start to see a pattern of when you respond and send messages and you could also use an auto response on your email and a message on your facebook group confirming you will reply shortly (but not immediately)


If you have found this useful, and want to find out more, why not try ‘Coffee with a Coach’ where Barbara talks to groups of women on any subject that is requested.
Also, Barbara is now offering a Discovery session to discover what issues may be holding you back from being the person you are striving to become. These can be any size and any subject. The free (and no obligation) session is then concluded by speaking about your options and the packages that will deliver the help you need.
Thank you to Barbara for being able to come and talk to the group for the second time. It was a very useful and motivating talk, getting us set for summer! I am sure we will be putting into practice some these tips.


Website, Internet Marketing and IT Security Workshop
Looking forward to seeing more mums at the Motivating Mum East Hertfordshire 60 minute snippet workshop event on Thursday 27th June in Ware at 10am. The workshop covers tips on maximising the effectiveness of your website, keeping your computers and mobile devices secure and attracting new customers with internet marketing. Find out more by looking at the events section of the Motivating Mum website.
The autumn 2013 event programme for Motivating Mum East Hertfordshire will be confirmed as soon as it is finalised!

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