Behind with the Laundry and Living off Chocolate

Behind with the Laundry and Living off Chocolate – Life Changing Strategies for Busy Women – by Lynette Allen

reviewed by Stephanie Adams of Motivating Mum East Herts

This title really jumps out at you and makes you think, yes that’s me! (I have, in fact, just gone on a long awaited chocolate making course with a friend, which was such fun and really delicious chocolate, sorry if you are drooling…)

Home made chocolates

I read the book with several baskets of laundry (in another room) to sort, but it did not distract me at all, it is such a useful, positive and easy book to read!

Thank you very much to Sanchia from Aronberg Training for providing this as a recommended book to read after a very useful Motivating Mum East Hertfordshire workshop that she recently led on maximising your time (yes please!)

As I was enjoying and finding the book so useful (and smiling and nodding in agreement a lot) I read this book in one sitting. It is written in really easy chunks (yes, a bit like the chunks of chocolate shown on the cover!) However, it would also be just as useful to dip in and out of sections, as and when you need to and when certain topics are particularly relevant.

I hope this review, of some of the parts of the book that struck a chord with me, will be of interest and use, as we all continue to live our busy juggling lives, often at such a pace we don’t even appreciate just how much we have done in a day. The book is easily available via Amazon if you decide you’d like to have a copy, and it includes a CD of tips as well.

 How the book is structured

The book is split into a lot of very short sections (a few pages each) covering a range of topics, such as: how well do you take care of yourself, say what you mean, lack of time, dealing with guilt, do it now, winter blues……

It is personally written and there are a lot of real life examples of strategies from busy women, it feels almost like a friend to pick up and support you and gets your mind very focused.

Tips and information taken from some of the sections of the book

  • How well do you take care of yourself?Do you seem to come at the bottom of a very long list of priorities?This section makes you appreciate that we can’t just order a new ‘self’ when the old one breaks down….There is a suggestion to list five things that you could do this week to mean you go straight to the top of the list.There is an emphasis on putting yourself first and taking care of yourself.
  • Getting personal with your valuesWe are asked here as the reader to compile a list of ten personal values that are important to us. A list of suggested words is included in the book (such as trust, kindness, happiness)Then we are asked to come up with the three most important ones and then to know them and use them to help make decisions with more clarity and trust.
  • Get yourself sortedHere the message is that we are important to everyone in our life and valuable to us, and so to take care of our health and feel the best we can.
  • Enjoying the rideThis section really made me personally think a lot about about enjoying life right now, as we live it. We are encouraged here to look around at the things we’ve achieved so far and the people we have in our life. Not about worrying about things that have not happened yet. Feeling proud of what you already have and the person you are at this moment.
  • The High / Low gameA strategy suggested here to promote communication. We are asked to, when the children are home and during the evening, say “What was your high today and what was your low?”The book suggests that this brings up topics that wouldn’t normally have been discussed and gives an opportunity to understand how the other person ticks or why, for instance, they might be in a bad mood.
  • Lack of timeWe are asked in this section, does your list of jobs seem never ending? (think I know the answer to that one!)The suggestion here in the book is to budget your time like you budget money, although time doesn’t have an overdraft – once it’s gone, it’s gone.

    The number one tip in this section of the book is to get an egg timer.This is something I have personally done, since Barbara from, a speaker at a previous Motivating Mum East Hertfordshire event, recommended it, and for me it really, really works (I have now got two in fact, for different rooms!)

    As we are advised in the book, every second counts and a minute is longer than you think. For me personally, it also means I can allocate a set amount of time to say social media activity (which has the definite potential to get out of hand otherwise!) and planning and making phone calls etc

  • Winter blues (perk up those days with a little imagination)This section really struck a chord with me, and especially as it is so timely right now as we head in the direction of another winter….The suggestion in the book is to put together a winter box. Choose items that make you feel special (maybe I shall have to go on another chocolate making course to add handmade chocolates to this box!) I think it would also be a very enjoyable activity to choose which items to go in and it is something I am definitely going to be doing!  The book asks, what would you have in yours?

Review written by Stephanie Adams

Motivating Mum East Hertfordshire and Motivating Mum 2014 Conference


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