Striving for Balance: quick tips for juggling Work and Family

If you work from home you’ll probably know how hard it can be to get the balance right between spending time with the kids and getting your work tasks done.


You’ll know too that it can be even harder to get the children to understand why you’re putting all this time and effort into something when, really, you all know you’d prefer to be spending time with them. These quick tips are here to help:

  1. Schedule: Create a schedule so that your children expect it when you say you need to do some work. This may be as simple as saying: “After we have finished baking/tidying/doing your homework I am going to do some work,” but if you want to, you could create a more in-depth calendar or timetable. However you want to go about it, make a plan and then stick to it.
  2. Explain:  When you tell your children that you need to do some work, explain to them what you are going to achieve. This will not only help your kids understand why you are sitting in the kitchen cradling books or your laptop, but talking your goals through – even in very simple terms – will help you stay focused and feel more positive about what you are setting out to achieve.
  3. Remember your advantage: Before you become bogged down by the fact that you are missing out on some time with your children, stop and remember that being a work at home mum gives you much more flexibility than you would have if you went out to work. This may seem obvious, but apply this notion of relativity next time you feel like you’re always telling the kids you have to concentrate. At least you are there with them. Don’t feel trapped: take back control and enjoy the feeling of deciding your own working hours, rather than having a nine-to-five contract ruling your time.
  4. Be proactive:  Since the end goal of these tips is to free up as much time as possible, it’s important that you do all you can to avoid setbacks. While you’re concentrating on your business and family life, don’t let anything sneak up and derail you. Taking precautionary measures such as setting up health insurance from a provider such as InsureMe-on-Line is a good move: you never know when illness may strike and put a serious strain on your finances. Having this measure in place will add to the feeling that you are doing something for your children – an important thing to bear in mind when you’re wishing you could just shut that business book and join in the fun!
  5. Don’t feel guilty!  Feeling guilty about working whilst being at home will eat up your productivity and create a vicious cycle in which you get less done so have to spend more time trying – and even less time with your kids. Be proud of the fact that you are a motivated mum and that you are doing something worthwhile that not only helps to fulfil you, but will hopefully give your children an even better future.


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