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Thinking Outside the Box – How to Succeed at Direct Sales

Paula Gorry, Business Development Manager, Stampin’ Up! UK explains why direct selling is proving popular with mums and offers some top tips to make your direct sales business a success.

Paula Gorry portrait

Recent statistics show just 58 per cent of mums whose youngest child is between three and five go to work, compared to Europe’s 64 per cent average.[1]

Faced with soaring childcare costs, it is easy to understand why many mums feel they are being priced out of returning to work.  Parents are now looking to other options, outside of the standard 9-5, to boost their income.  One alternative that’s proving particularly popular is direct selling. Continue reading

Goal Setting for Children

While many adults set goals and New Year’s Resolutions not many children attempt to do this. Why not help your children set goals or resolutions for the coming year?

goal setting for children

There is no reason why your child cannot set a goal and this is a great habit for them to get into. Their goal could be something as simple as reading one book each month or learning how to print their name by their 4th birthday. Other goals could be to learn how to tie their shoes or even to help mum in the kitchen at dinner time.

Getting your children into the habit of setting goals and reaching them will help them in all areas of their lives. They will learn it is possible to set a goal and reach it and that this process can actually be a fun one. Achieving a goal they have set themselves can be very exciting and motivational for children of all ages, especially if there is a reward involved….

You could always make your child’s goal relate to yours in some way or other.  By doing this, everyone in the family can be working on similar things. For example you may want to exercise more so why not involve your kids too? Help them decide what type of exercise or sport they would like to participate in. Family sports include things like skating, cycling, walking and running. Or you could all sign up for a self defence class.

Once your child has decided on their new goal help them write it down and create a date for it to be achieved. Try not to make the decision for them, give them ideas and suggestions but let them make the final choice.

Even very young children can set a goal for themselves, whether it is just cleaning their room or learning to get dressed without any help. Be available to give them help when it is needed, but allow them to try and figure out how to reach their own goals.

You should encourage your children to set a goal that can be achieved in a relatively short time frame. Getting them to learn how to tie up their own shoelaces by spring would be a good example. Goal dates could be based around the changing of the seasons, based on their birthday or for the start of your annual family holiday.

Children have a much shorter attention span than adults, so it is important that you are there to give them regular encouragement and support as needed. It may not be necessary for them to work on their goal every single day – maybe putting some time aside at the weekend is sufficient.

Older children can have larger goals, possibly ones where they have to save money in order to get something they have dreamed of owning. Or you may offer to pay half if they save up the other half. This teaches children that they have to work to get things in life. Plus they will value their new item more if they had to spend some of their own cash for it!

Once your child reaches their goal let them know how proud you are of them. Share their success with other family members too. Then encourage them to set a new goal. Goals can be set around personal achievements, the desire for a new toy or wanting to join a new sports team or take up a new hobby.

If their goal is a little harder for them to achieve, help them write out a plan of smaller steps so that they can actually reach their goals. Remember to help them learn to enjoy their journey by making it fun.

Do you set goals with your children?  Please let us know what goals your children are working towards by leaving a comment below.

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Where Does Creativity Come From?

Are you making plans for your business next year?  Do you fancy doing something “original and different” but you just don’t know what.  Sometimes it can be really hard to find that creative spark – that flash of inspiration.  You may look around you and see other people doing it all the time.  You may wonder “why are some people creative and not me?”

So where exactly does creativity come from – and more importantly, how can you go out and find yourself some?



Artists and poets have for centuries talked about ‘the muse’. The muse is the source of inspiration. It has often been seen as some kind of dark supernatural force, but actually it can be anyone around you or something as mundane as a photograph or a walk in the park. If you can identify your muse and turn to it when you need inspiration, this will help you unlock your creative flow.

Who is Your Muse?

Take a minute to think of the people you know. Who makes you feel inspired? Is there someone you chat with over coffee and then you find yourself rushing home full of creative energy? If there is, this person is your muse.

You don’t need to have only one. Artist Pablo Picasso considered every woman he had a relationship with his muses. It may be that simply going out and socialising is a good way to get inspired. Your muse may even be a stranger you have a conversation with at a bus stop.

Favourite Things

Your muse may not be a person at all. It could be an object or a work of art. Music is especially powerful for inspiring some people. You might have a favorite song or album that gets you in the mood to create. It may be a photograph or a book of poetry that you like. Survey your house and ask yourself, ‘What things here make me want to be creative?’

You may also find that looking at similar projects to your own gets you inspired. If you’re trying to design a website, for example, get online and look at the sites of other similar businesses. You may get a great idea.

Follow Thought Leaders

There may be a person you don’t know who serves as your muse. Many people find thought leaders in their industry to be inspiring. By following them and keeping up with their work, you can get inspiration from them. A quick trawl through social media, facebook and twitter, or reading som

e relevant blogs can sometimes be enough to start your flow.

Who Needs a Muse?

Actually, the muse concept is perhaps a bit overrated.

Creative people have always had an almost spiritual belief that their creativity comes from outside themselves. It’s as though inspiration blesses you suddenly when you don’t expect it and then disappears again. What people fail to recognize is that hard work, practice and habit play much bigger parts in the creative process. If you get into a routine of creative work, you’ll find that the muse drops by much more often.


Do you believe that creativity can be learned, practiced and improved?  Would you like to work on your own creativity and see where it leads you.  Download our free report Creativity in Action or take a look at our 10 week Creativity E-Course

Growth Programme to Boost London’s Female Entrepreneurs.

PrintEnterprising Women’s renowned Growth Programme is coming to London in February 2014.  Held over a period of several weeks, the 4-day course is specifically designed for women who want to increase their knowledge, skills and confidence, overcome barriers to growth, and who have the motivation to take their existing business to the next level. Continue reading

8 Ways to Boost your Creativity

Creativity MTB

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Why Women Make Great Entrepreneurs

 Ali Golds

– By Ali Golds, Founder of Operation Enterprise and The Juno Project

Women account for less than a third of those who are self-employed, although between 2008-2011 they represented 80% of the new self-employed (Labour Force Survey, Office of National Statistics 2013). They start businesses with less capital, and are definitely less likely to apply for funding.

Women have lower confidence in their abilities, and are scared of failing, yet those who do take the plunge appreciate the flexibility and opportunities that self-employment can offer, particularly to those women with families. Interestingly, more women than men in the age ranges 30-39 and 40-49 are running their own businesses.

So why are there so many contradictions when the evidence is that women actually make fantastic entrepreneurs?

I work with women who want to set up businesses and, during my travels around the UK speaking and training, I come across lots of ladies who are really keen to have a go at starting their own company but find something stopping them. When we get down to it, the real reasons behind that barrier are not a lack of ability or qualifications – or even experience – it’s just that us girls are nervous of getting it wrong. We spend far too much time planning, and re-planning, and planning again – just to be on the safe side – and not enough actually getting out there and doing it.

My experience of working with female entrepreneurs is that they are well-organised, passionate, dynamic and extraordinarily hardworking. They certainly plan their businesses well, often with more detail than the men I work with who are more prepared to take risks but they also know how important it is to embrace the unpredictability and the challenges ahead and to carry on regardless.

Women are fantastic multi-taskers – another useful skill in business – and are also great at diffusing tricky situations, which makes for smoother sales negotiations and quicker outcomes.

Lots of the women entrepreneurs that I know are also mums; so not only are they juggling their work life but they’re also juggling their home lives too. If they work from home, like me, they become super adept at cooking supper, doing the washing and making business calls whilst overseeing homework – all at the same time!

Women seem to think that if you’re a mum, you definitely can’t then run a business. Not so ladies. Use those skills to your advantage and fulfil your potential.

Ali is a hugely successful entrepreneur. She founded her first business in 2000 and, so far, has run and managed five successful businesses. Ali is currently founder and CEO of Operation Enterprise and The Juno Project .

Tina Changed a Habit with Stunning Results – now you can too

change a habit in November

A few days ago, I asked if any of you would like to spend November changing a habit with me (if you missed the post you can find it here).  One or two of you replied, and we have started a secret Facebook group where we are going to support each other, as we change our various habits or start up new and healthier ones.   Continue reading

Save 10% on Rebecca Jones’ 5-Week Business Breakthrough Bootcamp

Business in Red Shoes

At this time of year may of you are taking a long hard look at your businesses.  There are a lot of business coaching programs out there which promise to get you back on track.  I’ve been thinking of running one myself, but haven’t really go the time to design it at the moment.

So instead, I’ve been on the lookout for the best business events and training to recommend to you, and this is one of the best out there. It is being run by Rebecca Jones, (the Red Shoe Biz woman), and she promises to give you a long hard look at your business over 5 weeks. Continue reading

November is Change a Habit month at Motivating Mum

change a habit in November

Does anybody else feel really sluggish when the clocks go back?  As soon as the dark evenings start and things start to feel cold, damp and gloomy, I always feel myself overtaken by a primal hibernation urge.

Suddenly, I am piling on more clothes, staying indoors as much as possible, watching much more rubbish TV, working a bit less,  and eating as much stodgy food as I can lay my little hands on.

Am I alone in this? Or is anyone else out there feeling it too.

I really identified this trait in myself, when I was lucky enough to have a couple of one to one sessions with Sandra Roycroft-Davies of Thinking Slimmer, earlier this year.  I have realised that November is a month when I can seriously undo any weight loss efforts that I have managed throughout the year.  Then I compound it over the Chirstmas festivities, and so generally start each January in the same place as before, if not a bit heavier than the previous year.


So this year I have decided to make a change.  I’m not going to go on yet another diet – I have tried enough of those to know that they don’t work for me.  But what I am going to do is pick two or three positive changes and work hard on gaining some new habits during November. The habits I am going to work on are:

- I will take 40 minutes of exercise at least six days a week, outdoors when possible

- I will do 10 minutes of stretchng exercises every day

- I will drink more water than I do tea and coffee every day

These are reasonably simple things – and by the end of the month I hope that they will be  totally ingrained habits that I can continue.  Then in December I can pick three more and carry on.

During the month, I am going to be listening to my Slimpod to keep me going.  This month I will be listening to Make Fitness Fun and Easy – which will hopefully boost me with the exercise habit.

So who would like to join me on this habit changing quest?  If you would please leave a comment below telling me the habit or habits that you would like to work on. It can be anything in any part of your life, business or personal  I will invite you to a secret facebook group where we can all stick together, share our successes  and spur each other on.

Don’t forget, if you would like to use a Slimpod to help with your habit changing – you can get a 15% discount by entering the code MOTIVATE15 when you check out at Thinking Slimmer.  If you need some inspiration as to what habits you might like to change in a month, take a look at these Slimpod titles:

  • Say Goodbye to Baby Fat
  • Keep the Weight Loss Going
  • Slip into Your Party Dress
  • Beat that Sweet Tooth
  • Cut Down on Alcohol
  • Banish Baby Blues
  • Confidence Booster
  • Power Shower for your mind

So does anybody want to join me, sticking my tongue out at cold dark November, and making myself feel fabulous? Let me know what habit you would like to change and let’s get going!

Win a Slimpod Pack of your choice up to the value of £45

As part of our ongoing  Mummy Mentoring Month celebration, we have teamed up again with the people at Thinking Slimmer, with two offers to help you get your weight loss efforts off to a good start.


Whatever you are trying to achieve at the moment, whether you are starting a business,  growing one or just juggling work and family, it does wonders for your confidence if you know that you are looking the best you can be.

Many of us have a few pounds here or there to lose after the summer (and some of us have a few more than that), but it can often be difficult for stressed out  mums in business to find the time and willpower to follow a diet.  Particularly at this time of year when the weather is getting colder and the evenings darker, we all just want to hide under a duvet and eat junk food (or is that just me?).


If you are at the stage of thinking you would like to lose some weight, or if you have already started a programme and just want some help sticking with it, then why not give the Slimpod system a go.

The recordings have been created by Harley Street behavioural experts and they will help to retrain your mind to combat cravings, adjust portion sizes, make healthier choices and even become more active which has to be good.  They work on their own or can also work with a weight loss programme.

There are different Slimpods for whatever you are trying to achieve:  Drop a dress size or a jeans size or more, slim for a wedding or event, quit chocolate and additional help for bad sweet cravings or boosting exercise.

Most women find that they can lose weight just by listening to the Slimpod and without making any conscious effort apart from setting SMART goals – just look at some of the Success stories.

There are also pods to help you in areas other than weight loss – menopause symptoms, confidence, sports performance and fulfilment – all of these can be improved with regular listening.

So to help you get started on your weight loss or other goals – Motivating Mum and Thinking Slimmer have two special offers to make today.

  • Firstly – you can save 15% off across the whole of the Thinking Slimmer store  by using code MOTIVATE15 at the checkout.
  • Secondly , we are running a giveaway below where we will give one lucky reader a £45 voucher to buy a Slimpod pack of their choice or a combination of Slimpods.  (NB. If the winner has already bought Slimpods using  the MOTIVATE15 code in the past 30 days, she can have that purchase refunded instead of buying more Slimpods)

If that is not an incentive to purchase a Slimpod, get started losing weight and enter our fab giveaway I don’t know what is. You have nothing to lose but your waistline…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

If you do purchase a Slimpod, I would love to hear how you get on with it. Please come back and leave your comments below. We will also be running a Slimpod Challenge in November – if you are interested in joining in please leave a comment below or email me on [email protected]

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