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Younique Cosmetics has arrived in the UK – join us?

Younique Cosmetics is an American MLM business which launched in the UK on October 1st 2014.   I have joined the company and you can see my website here:



This is not the first time that I received advance notice of a new MLM company coming to the UK.  Normally I am wooed by a plethora of American sales reps who think that I am the gateway to all the UK mums who want to work, and promise me untold riches if I sign up with them.

I have turned down quite a few such opportunities, because quite frankly, I have been in MLM before and I know the amount of work needed to invest in building a downline, and I also know that you really need to love the products before you even begin, and love the sales techniques they feed you.

I have seen several of my contacts embrace these opportunities at the start and go on to build a substantial business in no time, because it always pays to be in at the beginning with MLM. But for me the time and the products just weren’t right before.

But Younique Cosmetics has turned my head, and this time I have gone for it.

I don’t wear a huge amount of make up.  But the make up I do wear has been mineral makeup exclusively for the last few years, because it suits my skin, stays on nicely and doesn’t cause itchiness or rashes.  I discovered bareminerals a few years ago, which is hugely expensive, but made such a difference to me, and I also love the cheaper but still lovely Body Shop minerals brand.

So, to start off with, I love the basic idea of what Younique have to sell, and even though I haven’t tried it yet, I can see from the range that I am just going to love it.

The packaging is gorgeous, the colours are lovely, and I love the idea that I can receive a starter pack containing lots of different colours for just £69 – when I look and see what I can get on bareminerals site for that money I know that I am in the money before I make a single sale.

I have read some reviews of the Younique products and I am convinced that this is something that women in the UK will embrace with open arms:

The idea that I can try out the new colours in my home without having to go into a shop and deal with a pushy sales rep is enough to convince me – i am investing in this starter pack because I would love to have that much mineral make up for £69. Once I know what colours I like, I will be able to order my make up online and pay wholesale prices.  I might even start wearing it more…

The second thing that has convinced me is the mission statement of the company


Our mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.

I think that is really lovely – a small amount of make up can do wonders for self esteem, and while I am not of the orange faced “can’t leave the house without it” brigade, i can still see how having a regular supply of a make up brand i trust could do me good, and how i could persuade others to try it too.

The final thing which has convinced me is that Younique encourages its presenters to sell online.  They are suggesting that I can take pictures of myself wearing the make up and everyone will buy from me online.  Now, I wasn’t born yesterday, and I’m fairly certain that the best sales people will do a little more than that….  but the idea that I can run a MLM business without doing home parties or door to door leaflet drops sounds like a mighty fine idea to me.  I have a huge contact list up and down the UK and I will be able to sell to all of them.

I have researched my upline thoroughly, and am joining up with a team that has a lot of additional sales materials and help for its new presenters.  One of the other good things about  starting at the beginning is you can choose your upline.

Does anybody out there fancy joining me?  If you do, you can sign up here:

If you would just like to receive some more information about Younique, please sign up to this mailing list and I will let you have lots of information and training so that you can decide if you would like to be a customer or a presenter or both.  This does not commit you to joining Younique, it’s just so I can send you more information.

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I’ve worked with a few MLM businesses before, and made all the common mistakes already.

I think that this time I am well set up to cut through the huge volume of sales training that you get in many businesses, and to find my own sales and presenting style with a great set of products. I think I have enough experience of MLM, online selling and business in general to lead you as you get started, and I’m sure I have chosen a great upline team for us all to join up with.

Can I help you to start your UK business too?

What’s the worst that could happen?

Well, at worst I will spend £69 and have a whole box of lovely new makeup for this Christmas season – at best I will have some beautiful gifts for my friends and the start of a whole new income stream, surfing on the wave of the next big thing.

Either way sounds good to me – or anything in between – anybody else with me?


Watch this space……x



How to Pick Your Online Business Model

This is the year that you plan to really succeed in your online business and make it a full time income. However, in order to build a successful online business, you need to first identify the primary business model you want to follow. There are millions out there, and you may already have one in mind or have one you have committed to. If not, or if you have decided you need to change your focus, here are 8 of the most popular online business models.


1. AdSense Site

AdSense sites are very popular with people that want a business model that is relatively simple and easy to implement. These sites usually consist of a blog or other type of website with many pages of content that is added to consistently. In order to be successful with an AdSense site, it’s important to rank well in the search engines for many long-tail keywords and to drive a lot of traffic to the site. These sites were extremely popular in the early days of the internet.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketers sell other people’s products and then take a commission on the sale. Business models for affiliate marketers might consist of an ecommerce site, mini-sites on a small niche, one-page sites for a specific product. You can even sell affiliate products on Facebook pages and by using YouTube to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. Most affiliate marketers also focus on building a list they can sell other products to over and over.

3. Info products

Many internet marketers have made their fortunes creating and selling their own digital infoproducts. These might include writing ebooks and guides, creating software, designing graphics, shooting informational videos, delivering ecourses, or writing private label rights products to sell. Most infoproduct sellers expand their income by recruiting affiliates to help.

4. Ecommerce Sites

An ecommerce site is an online store where you sell either your own products, drop-ship products from other vendors, or sell products as an affiliate. They can be a little more difficult to rank in search engines due to the lack of consistent, fresh content. However, good keyword research, SEO, and an active blog can make up for that.

5. Provide Services

One of the quickest ways to make money online is to offer your services through freelance sites. You can write articles and ebooks, design graphics, sell your programming skills, or charge for virtual assistant services. If you have a great deal of experience in one area, you can also sell coaching services.

6. Membership Sites

A membership site requires customers to sign up for a recurring payment in exchange for regularly provided content. Membership sites can be ongoing or a specified length of time. They might involve regular newsletters, new private label rights content each month, or even your own coaching services. It’s certainly attractive to know you’ll earn a regular income each month.

7. Flip Sites

Some marketers love the process of building websites, so they just focus on buying or building sites, then selling them. There are auction sites that specialise in this type of model.

8. Party Plan

Party plan businesses have been around for many years.  The premise is simple – you get a distributorship licence to sell products on behalf of the company and earn commissions on your sales annd the sales of people that you recruit. There are party plans for every product you can think of: cleaning products, cooking utensiils, health and beauty supplies, stationery and cards or even gas and electricity.

Whereas traditionally these businesses required you to go out and sell face to face, increasingly they are allowing you to have a partial or even totally online business. One business at the forefront of this revolution is Younique, which offers a free website and facebook party system for its presenters

Where to Find More Ideas

The Warrior Forum has many, many types of business models that are sold through Warrior Special Offers (WSOs) which you’ll get ideas from. You can join their Warrior Room to get even more advice and ideas. You can also visit other internet marketing forums and websites where you can interact with successful internet marketers to get ideas and feedback.

How to Pick Your Business Model

With so many internet business models to choose from, it’s a challenge to pick just one to start with. Try looking first at what appeals to you straight away. What stands out? Then think about whether you already have the skills or whether you will need to learn them. Is there anyone you can easily outsource to if you don’t have the skills yourself? How much will it cost to implement this business model? Do you have the funds? Once you’ve answered these questions, just pick a model and run with it.


While you may need to do some more research to get a good grasp of the details and understand what’s involved in each model, you need to make a decision sooner rather than later. You’ll never make any money online if you don’t just dive in and get moving. So pick an online business model that appeals to you, put the blinders on and move ahead.

successful direct seller

Five characteristics of a successful direct seller

More people are turning to direct selling as an attractive career option. Indeed there are now 91 million direct sellers worldwide. A key pull is the flexibility direct selling brings, enabling a healthy work/life balance. In addition, the sociable nature of the industry and the chance to discuss products that they are truly passionate about are other factors that are drawing people to this thriving industry.

Paula Gorry, UK Business Development Manager, Stampin’ Up! UK – a leading craft company which operates via a network of direct sellers – explores the traits needed to make the most of the opportunities available in this industry.

1: Product passion

A successful direct seller will always be passionate about their product and will use that passion as a source of motivation. There are a range of products available within the industry including cosmetics, cleaning products, nutritional products, homewares and paper craft supplies to name a few.

With this breadth of choice, it’s important to carefully select the type of product you wish to sell. Being enthusiastic about your product will ease the selling process – making it much more fun to continue expanding the business. The independence that is synonymous with direct selling means you have to be self-motivated and this should follow naturally if you are selling a product you believe in.

2:  A knack for networking!

Social interaction is very important in direct selling. In a typical direct selling environment sales are conducted face to face with products demonstrated to an individual or a group. This helps to explain why it’s a great way to meet new people.

shutterstock_11316961Party plan at home – by Shutterstock

Whether you are greeting mums on the school run or hosting a party for friends, both are great examples of networking in order to build your customer base. However, the dynamic direct seller will also utilise digital channels to grow their network and drive sales.

Online platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook will help you to share your product to a wider audience anytime, anywhere. The key is successfully striking a balance between classic face-to-face interaction and digital communication.

3: Crazy about customer engagement

Once you’ve picked a product and established a customer network, you need to think about how you are going to engage your customers and keep them coming back for more. A successful direct seller will go that extra mile by thinking outside the box. For example, you may host product parties but what about themed parties, birthday parties or hen parties?

While traditional methods of customer engagement are essential, we now live in an age of multichannel communication. Therefore a holistic approach to keeping customers engaged is required. Keep up regular communications via social media channels as well as regular email bulletins.

Customer care should always remain high on the priority list of engagement strategies. The better you treat your customers the more likely they will keep coming back. This is a timeless piece of advice among direct selling circles and with good reason too.

4. Talented at time management

As a business model, direct selling is flexible Sellers are able to expand their business as much or as little as they want, enabling them to balance their work with other commitments such as family life. However, what you get out of a direct selling business depends on how much you’re prepared to put in.

It is important to strategically manage your use of time and create a routine that works for you. Many direct sellers find that a business plan, with key goals and milestones is an effective way of staying on track.

If this is something you’re struggling with, consider taking a time management course. These courses will help you understand how to eliminate procrastination and time-wasting habits from your routine, and give you useful tips on how to take control of your working day. There are companies, such as Activia Training, who will even help you build a personal action plan at the end of your training session, making it easier for you to put your new skills to use.

5. Mad about the media

Another great way of getting your product out there is by developing a media profile. As part of this process, it is essential to target your messages to the right audience. In other words, deliver content along media channels that are most likely to reach your prospective buyers. This could include actively engaging in popular business or mumpreneur forums with advice or tips, or creating a knowledge-sharing blog about your direct selling business.

Meanwhile, interviews with the local press on subjects such as how you have transformed your hobby into a successful business venture are a great way of raising your profile in the local community.

Thinking Outside the Box – How to Succeed at Direct Sales

Paula Gorry, Business Development Manager, Stampin’ Up! UK explains why direct selling is proving popular with mums and offers some top tips to make your direct sales business a success.

Paula Gorry portrait

Recent statistics show just 58 per cent of mums whose youngest child is between three and five go to work, compared to Europe’s 64 per cent average.[1]

Faced with soaring childcare costs, it is easy to understand why many mums feel they are being priced out of returning to work.  Parents are now looking to other options, outside of the standard 9-5, to boost their income.  One alternative that’s proving particularly popular is direct selling. Continue reading

Review of the Year – The Blog Audit

At this time of year I like to have a good look at the Google Analytics statistics for my blog.  Overall my visits for the year are up 260% over the same period last year, so I guess I must finally be getting something right

I’ve written an awful lot of stuff over the past year, some of which I thought was quite good and some which to use my own word, was probably awful, but at the end of the day my opinions don’t count so much.

Any good blogging course will tell you to do research into your niche, research keywords and subject matter, before blogging away merrily.  What I think they should add is that you should look back periodically over what you have written , to see what worked and what didn’t – which should help you to decide what to focus on in the future. Continue reading

Review of Scentsy: The Products and the Opportunity

I was recently given some Scentsy products to try by Liz Barnes, who trades as


If anyone reading has not heard of Scentsy yet, they are an American company which provides beautiful room scenters, in the form of wax heaters.  Basically it’s like burning a scented candle or an oil burner, but without the fire hazard of the smoke pollution. The scent from the wax is very strong and long lasting.

I’ve always loved scented candles and candle products, but stopped using them once the children came along as I didn’t feel safe. With two school age children and a new puppy in the house the idea of room scenters suddenly seems like a very good idea.  I have been aware of Scentsy for about two years now, and quite keen to give them a try.

The burner I reviewed was a full size burner called Jane. The way it works is you plug it into the mains and a heating plate underneath the dish on the top, slowly warms the wax and releases the fragrance. The dish is removable for easy cleaning.

There are about 30 different warmers in the range in lots of different colours, sizes and decor styles.  I really like Jane – the bit in behind the latticework glows when it is switched on.  I would have liked a separate on-off switch apart from just the plug, but it’s a small thing.

The wax fragrances come in packets of 8 cubes – and retail for £5 each (3 for £14 or 6 for £25). Each cube fragrance is supposed to last for about 8-10 hours so the packs are very good value for money.

I was sent two packs of wax to review – Sweet Pea and Vanilla from the Favourites Collection, and Cucumber and Lime from the Seven Seas range.  The fragrances are all very poetically described in the catalogue – makes you just long to smell them.  I like the sound of the Spa ones best:

New Lotus CoveA splash of sea air, earthy lavender and water flowers anchored by rustic driftwood

Doesn’t that just make you want to go out there and try it – sounds wonderful and I’m sure it smalls wonderful too.

Of the two scents that I tried, the whole family preferred the Sweet Pea and Vanilla one.  I liked the cucumber and lime, but my husband thought it smelt a bit weird and the children were not keen either (there are special ‘man’ smells for your other halves…). I use the burner in the living room, and the scent goes throughout the downstairs of the house, up the stairs and into my bedroom.  No smell of damp puppy anywhere as far as I can tell.

As part of the review pack I received there was also a personal fragrance pack and a scent sachet – great for putting in a soft toy for your children or for the nursery (which they also sell).  I think these would make really nice stocking filler gifts for people.

Overall I am really impressed with the range and standard of Scentsy products – they are everything I hoped they would be and more.  I am looking forward to trying out more of the scent range, as the nights get darker and the puppy gets damper and muddier…





The Business Opportunity

Scentsy products are only available for sale through Scentsy distributors in the UK.  The business is run on a standard party plan /distributorship model, with a low cost of entry, rising commissions as you progress through the ranks, and a bonus for recruiting a team underneath you.

Scentsy is still a young company in the UK so there is still scope for making money – recruiting people under you, and doing parties, craft fairs and similar.  As with all of this type of company, you can work as much or as little as you like – but do notice that if you are looking to succeed and/or make a full-time income you will need to put some serious effort in.

The one thing I like about this business opportunity, is that all the people who buy the warmers are likely to come back to you regularly for supplies of wax, so there is scope for significant repeat business (which can be online).  This is not the same with all party plans.

As a Scentsy distributor , you decide how you sell,do you want to do parties, events or just sell through your friends.  You can run a small business or a full-time business – it’s up to you.  This business would work very well for you if you absolutely love the products and are happy to live in a permanently scented environment.  One of the joys of any distributorship business is getting your own product supplies at discounted prices.

I love the look of this business.  I will certainly be returning to Liz for supplies for my burner, and if I didn’t already have four businesses on the go, I would be tempted to have a go at this.  However, I do realise, that as with every business type, you get out what you put in, and I have to say that my time is very limited right now.  But if you have some spare hours in the day and would like to get involved with a business with lovely products, then take a look at Scentsy


Money Saving Mum: How to save Money on Greetings Cards

The Mail on Sunday published an article last week about how more and more people are switching to online printers of greetings cards and pushing bricks and mortar companies into liquidation.

It is certainly the case that a card made with personalised photos and names printed on says so much more than just buying any old thing from the supermarket.  “Its the thought that counts” they say – and I have to admit that I love receiving cards and letters in the mail that show a little bit of thought and care has gone into them.  My mum makes handmade cards, which I love to get, but if you don’t have the time or the talent for this, there are other options available. Continue reading

Happy Mothers Day – a Review of SendOut Cards

Have you ever been so busy that you have forgotten Mother’s Day? Or Father’s Day?  Or a family birthday?
I’m afraid I have been that terrible daughter – remembering only on Saturday afternoon when it is too late to buy and send a card.  I know that in the modern age you can send an email, and I have done that on numerous occasions, but even then, I know that some people, especially the older generation really love to receive a card, and to know that you care about them.
On the other side of the coin, have you ever fancied sending cards to your business colleagues, clients, suppliers or anyone in your working life.  When you really appreciate what someone has done, doesn’t a real card, arriving in the post just say it better?   What about thank you letters, get well messages, or a word of congratulations to one of your children for something special?
I know I just love receiving cards, and so it is a New Year’s Resolution of mine to make a bit more effort in sending them.
I published a post last year about SendOut Cards, a card sending system which is reasonably new to the UK.  Of all the MLM businesses I profiled last year, this is one where the products really grabbed me.  I loved the idea of designing my own cards with photos of the children and links to videos of them, and sending them out, on time, to all the important people in my life, without even leaving my desk.
I’ve sent congratulations to my weight loss clients when they reach certain milestones and postcards informing them when things are on special offer.  As regards special dates, I have them all listed in my calendar and I get an email reminder, in plenty of time to pull out one of the cards I have designed, or a pretty stock one, add some recent photos and a signature in my own handwriting,  send it to the person concerned, knowing that I won’t be caught out again.
The system works on a points basis – you buy points then exchange them for cards.  A postcard is one point, basic 2 panel card is 2 points, and a three panel fold out card is three points – then you add one point extra onto each card if you are going to add any extra elements (that’s one point per card, not one point per photo on it).  At the lowest cost level, the points are  31 US cents each, so a postcard without personalisation costs 31 cents, and even a 3 panel card, with photos and personalisation on 5 out of its 6 panels only costs $1.24 , which at the current exchange rate of the dollar is pretty amazing. The cards are glossy and can be any colour you like they are really lovely. Anything you can save as a jpeg can go on or in a card, so you can use your own photos or the children’s or your artwork.
One downside for us in the UK is postage.  the cards are currently posted from the US, so postage times and cost are slightly longer than if you use a UK-based service.  But once you have your reminders in place you can still get things to arrive on time – my experiments so far have taken about 4 working days to arrive, which is not bad at all.  Plus SendOut Cards are committed to opening a distribution centre in the UK once the market here is big enough.
So why have you not heard of SendOut Cards before? Mainly because it is new, and also because they keep their costs down by relying on word of mouth advertising, instead of doing big TV ads like some of their competitors.  So, you heard it from me first, but I’m fairly sure you will hear it from many more people in the UK before too much longer.
If you want to try out SendOut Cards, you can send a free card on their website –
Alternatively send me an email to [email protected] with your postal address and I will make a special lovely card just for you.

Sharing Our Story – My Secret Kitchen

by Clare Moran, Co-Founder of My Secret Kitchen

My Secret Kitchen is the UK’s first nationwide food and drink tasting company.  We are a direct selling party plan business (we prefer to call our events ‘tastings’) with currently 80 consultants from Edinburgh to the South Coast.  The concept is that we produce our own range of exciting new food products which consultants prepare and show to clients at home tasting events.  We also have on-line sales but predominantly we want to support our consultants to build their own businesses by selling direct to consumers.

The direct selling food concept is so exciting to us – you get to taste and experience our foods with expert advice from one of our consultants as well as hearing new recipes and share ideas of your own.  It is the ultimate in enabling consumers to have a complete buying decision. Continue reading

Mumpreneur Profile: Janet Cousins of Sticky Fingers

My name is Janet Cousins and at the age of 50 I discovered I was bored with the teaching and managerial job I had been doing for some years and was looking for a total change.  It was not as though I had always done this, as until the children came along, I was happy to be a secretary.  Indeed, in the early years of mothering I was content to stay at home, but when my youngest was 7, I undertook a course which awarded me a Certificate in Education. This enabled me to gain a part-time post working for the local education authority.  But the time came, when once again I was compelled to move on.  My children were still living at home, but only needed me from time to time as they were nearly grown up.  I on the other hand still had bags of energy and an urge to run my own business. Continue reading