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Motivating Mum: The Best of the Year so Far

OK, I’ve posted all my Christmas reviews now, plus the guest posts that I had stacked up since October.  But we are still in the middle of NaBloPoMo, so I still have to come up with a post a day for another 12 days, and I have to say that this morning I was hit with the dreaded blogger’s block.

In desperation I headed over to look at the new Google Analytics.  I thought perhaps I would look and see which of my posts have been the most popular over the past year – then maybe I would get some inspiration as to subject matter to blog on with.

I tried to imagine before I set the report running which my most popular posts of the year would be.  The results have certainly surprised me in some areas, but they have definitely given me inspiration for the future as to what exactly the Motivating Mum blog should cover.

I am going to do this in two sections (fills up a blog-dry weekend – plus ten posts is a lot of links to ask you to look at all at once). So here are the 6th to 10th most popular posts that I have made this year – in reverse order, plus a small comment about what I have learned.

I hope you enjoy reading them – please feel free to like, tweet or make comments (with lovely backlinks from commentluv) as you see fit.

10: What to Do When your Computer Crashes   This tells me that it is good to blog about disaster.  It acts as a warning to others, and also tugs at the emotional heartstrings, as we all think – that could have been me…  this also reminds me that I never made good on my promise to blog about all the Cloud solutions that I am now using to stop this from happening to me again. (3-4 extra ideas now added to my blog queue)

9: Free Advertising for Small Businesses  This post was written by Natalie Strong, as part of Mummy Mentoring Month.  I think the key to this post’s popularity is that the title is a keyword that I’m sure a lot of people are looking for.

8: Mumpreneur: Who Me?    My take on the news that the word mumpreneur has entered the dictionary.  This word splits the community – you either love it or hate it.  And anywhere that there are strong emotions, good blogs will follow…

7: Maternity Pay and Allowance for Business Owners  This is a great factual post by Ingrid Niang – also part of the Mummy mentoring month series.  This post reminds me that one of my core missions is to provide support and advice to businessmums out there – I will be actively searching out more information of this type.

6: What not to Wear for Five Year Olds   This was one of my very first blogs – about one of those great parenting dilemmas, and how I solved it.  My children are an immense source of inspiration to me.

So there you have it – the first half of my bloggy Top 10.  Stay tuned for the Top 5 posts tomorrow.  I’d also love to see your Top 10’s if you want to share – please leave a comment and a link if you do…