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BritMums Blog Prompt: “If I could start my blog over, I would….”

Been over on the BritMums site today and caught sight of their new Prompt of the Week feature.  This week’s prompt is “If I had the chance to start my blog again what would I change?”  A very interesting question. But I’m going to take a bit of licence here, because I don’t believe in regretting things I should or ought to do. When I decide to change something I change it. And having spent a lot of time thinking over the summer holidays (inspired in part by Cybermummy) I have made up my mind to make quite a few changes to my blog, starting any time now. So instead of writing about what I would do differently, this is going to be about what I am going to do differently.

Lets go back a bit. When I took over Motivating Mum, a year ago, the blog was just one part of the overall package that I took over. It was already set up, formatted, and had been run for a year or so. Maintain the website, blog once a week, tweet regularly, post on Facebook and LinkedIn. Those were the basic set of instructions left to me by my predecessor Alli Price. I didn’t spare any thought for the format, the style, the set up  – I had enough to take on with the website and the rest of the business.

At that point had never blogged before, but I set to the task with gusto, religiously blogging once a week. Every Monday morning I sat down and wrote something. Some of it was total garbage (some of it still is).  I didn’t really have a purpose, or a clue what I was doing – as long as I got some thoughts down on screen every week I was happy. But guess what – very few of you read it….

Over the last six months or so, I have come to realise that the blog, is not just a means of marketing Motivating Mum – it is an integral part of the website and the whole Motivating Mum ethos. The strapline of Motivating Mum is Support and Advice for Mums in Business. Between myself and the various guest bloggers I’ve had along the way, we have dispensed more support and advice from the pages of the blog than the rest of the site put together. Some of it has even been published into an ebook  – Motivating Business Mums.  This blog is at the core of what I do, and I really need to pay a bit more attention to it.

So this is what I’m going to do to hopefully make Motivating Mum a much better and hopefully more interesting and readable blog.

  1. Post more regularly – once a week is just not enough. Some of it will be business support and advice, some of it just stuff I want to write about – hopefully the whole package will be entertaining and inspiring.
  2. Feature guest bloggers a lot to make this a bit more of a collaborative blog.  If you want to come write for me, then please let me know….
  3. Run featured months – the Mummy Mentoring Month feature I did last March was the best thing ever – I’ve got more features planned – see my newsletter.
  4. I am going to feature advertising, and sponsored posts – I will do reviews and work with brands – but this will only be part of what I do, and I hope not too obtrusive. This is an experiment – if after a short time I feel it is not helping the overall structure of the blog, then maybe I will stop. But at the end of the day if I am going to invest a significant portion of my time into blogging then I would like to see a bit of a returnon it.
  5. I am going to write on a series of themes – I set most of them out in a recent post – New Years Resolutions. Most of them will be support and advice – or at least will document my own quest for self-improvement and enlightenment both on a personal and a business level. Hopefully my own experience will be helpful to others who are on the same path.
  6. I will try to craft the blog posts more carefully. I will start to pay a bit more attention to SEO, and will provide links to the main Motivating Mum site whenever I can fit them in. Hopefully the blog will grow in popularity and will then help to direct people to the stuff that I really want the to see.
  7. Finally I will try to spend a lot more time interacting and responding to other bloggers. In the interests of that, expect to see me lurking around the Blog post of the week and other linky features. I want to join in the mummy blogging community this year, and I will be coming to a blog near you, contributing my two penn’orth very soon.


So that’s where I am hoping to go with this blog. I hope y’all like it.