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How to Pick Your Online Business Model

This is the year that you plan to really succeed in your online business and make it a full time income.

However, in order to build a successful online business, you need to first identify the primary business model you want to follow. There are millions out there, and you may already have one in mind or have one you have committed to. If not, or if you have decided you need to change your focus, here are 8 of the most popular online business models. Continue reading

Mulit Level Marketing: Shona Andrews and Scentsy

Hello my name is Shona Andrews and this is my Scentsy Story.


I have always worked full time until the birth of my first child and even then returned to work after 6 months which I have always regretted.  When the second one came along I vowed to do it differently.  Unfortunately circumstances changed…ie husband left, I had to admit defeat and returned to work part time.  It’s then that I started to think about the work at home opportunitites.  I did a lot of research looking for the right product, and  the right company as there are so many scams out there.

I came across Scentsy by accident, I had relocated nearer my family for additional support and the new home was quite damp.  Although the family said they could not smell anything, I could…so out came the old scented candles I had had for years acting as ornaments. I soon discovered (hey, got kids now) ….naked flames attracted the baby, matches attracted the older one, the wick disappeared and could I find it??, lots of wasted scented wax up the side of glass jars and that’s not mentioning the smoke and soot on the walls.  I tried plug ins but they made me sneeze, so I was already looking for something different in the home fragrance department.   That’s when I came across Scentsy….I was looking at an article from a MLM blog and it mentioned this up and coming company just launching in the UK….though ok that’s good, opportunity to get in at the top….looked it up and was surprised to discover it was wickless candles!!!

What you may say!

Well, its an electric wax warmer to be precise but it uses block wax which is heated on a hot plate system.  I thought,  oh I want one of them…tried to find a local agent and the website kept directing me to US agents, as it’s been going over there for several years and was HUGE!  Fastest growing Direct Sales company ever… I eventually found one in Scotland….hint always sign under someone in the UK if possible as you will then get local support…time difference is a killer.

And after chatting with her and doing all my research, I signed up without even seeing the product except for online.

Since then we have formed a great support group covering Facebook groups to local meetings, and had our first conference, where we got to meet the owners of the company and learnt first hand the ethics and mission behind the company.  They had plenty of success stories but they concentrated on what this company can do for others, the fundraising they do is unbelievable and we even have our own Directors Scholarship Fund for our kids to apply for funding to university.

Anyone wanting to do more research (like me) please check out the website:

www.scentsy.net – check out products and About Scentsy at top right hand corner.

Please choose UK as different markets have different products.

It’s a great time to get onboard, earn that extra cash for Xmas…this product sells itself, does well at parties, basket parties and fairs….the product is so superior to any other on the market…as the wax does not burn but gently warms it carries a higher scent load (lasts longer) and none of the troubles of wicked candles, flame, smoke, soot.

It’s great for people with sensitive noses and health problems which mean they cant use wicked candles eg.  epilepsy.

My journey so far has been exciting and I am sure this is only the start…I have not heard of another consultant in my home town so lots of scope.  I have made loads of new friends and have a social life outside the kids for a change.  I now have that extra cash to treat the kids and MYSELF.

Being a mum everyone knows how we tend to put ourselves last on the list, doing a MLM job helps to give you something back, builds your confidence, gives you extra cash to tide us over these hard times and gives us a social life.

Don’t forget who you are, get the best of both worlds and do a MLM job, but choose carefully.  Find something you are passionate about and it won’t be selling.  Its just sharing a passion, makes it easier to talk about and the selling follows naturally.

Joining a new company makes it easier as well as not many people have heard of them so people are automatically going to ask ‘what’s that?’ and away you go’

Please check out my website www.scentsofshona.scentsy.co.uk for your Christmas shopping, or if you would like to join me representing this really exciting company in your town!