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Your Work Passion – a Survival Guide

by Tammy Furey

The Freelancers Coach

Passion for your work is a wondrous thing, it truly is. One of my gifts as a coach is being able to hear, very quickly what serves an individual, or what an individual is blindly serving with no love for his master. I help clients find their passion: that thing that rockets them out of bed in the morning as they say “Lets get to work!”.


As with all things, there must be balance. I would disagree with the phrase “live your passion”, as passion for that which you work at can burn so bright it can burn you up. There has to be some times, no, more than “sometimes”; there needs to be “regular times”, where you do not do the thing you are passionate about. This is more than taking a break . This is ensuring that there is more in your life than just your passion, for if work is your passion, then you are pure work – all work and no play makes Tom/Jane a very dull companion (please forgive the co-opting of a phrase).

So my question is – what else rocks your world? What else sets your mind, or body (or both!) on fire? Essentially what is it that excites you so much that you want to do it MORE than work. What you say? Wasn’t work my passion, the thing that I want to do more than anything else in the whole world? Yes, but what is it that is so interesting that it will stop you getting bored/obsessed of an evening, which leads you to pick up your laptop/paintbrush/work tools and continuing with work? What is so interesting to you that you forget about work and you immerse your mind/body in another arena?

It is that experience that will give you a true break? A break that will refresh your mind and give new ideas a chance to come forward.

It is also that experience that will stop you from becoming a work bore. If you network (please tell me you do?), it will give you something else to talk about, make you sound less like a sales person (trust me, this is a good thing), and more like a genuine, authentic person. And genuine, authentic people get more work, as they are simply more likeable.
So take a break, and get more work!

Building on ten years of experience as a freelancer and consultant, Tammy now coaches freelancers, consultants, solopreneurs, artists and writers to reach their goals, and improve their lives and businesses.  Tammy is a mother of 3 year old Megan, and understands the needs of mothers juggling their businesses and children!


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